Universal Accessibility of National Parks in South Africa and Zimbabwe: Park Management Perceptions.

Tourism Planning & Development, pp.1-20

This study sought to establish the perceptions of the management of National Parks in South Africa and Zimbabwe with respect to making their parks universally accessible. This study was set against the background of many people with disabilities who are willing and financially able to patron national parks being denied the opportunity to do so due to various barriers. Using a qualitative approach, the researchers explored the views of the management of South African National Parks (SANPARKS) and Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZimParks) regarding the universal accessibility of National Parks. The study revealed that, generally, the management of the said parks appreciate the plight of people with disabilities who want to visit their parks and would have wanted the parks to be accessible to all people. However, the managers from SANPARKS seemed more willing and prepared to make their parks universally accessible compared to their counterparts from ZimParks.