Investigating the Availability Of Nutrition Management Service for Hypertensive Elderly People in Khubetsoana and Thamae Health Centres

Many elderly people have hypertension, and health systems are faced with the challenge of responding to the needs of this population. The availability of Nutrition Management Service (NMS) in Outpatient Department (OPD) services is one of the strategies that have the potential to control these patients’ blood pressure. The study sought to investigate the availability of NMS for the hypertensive outpatient elderly in Thamae Health Centre and Khubetsona Health Centre. The study was a descriptive cross-sectional study employing both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods. NMS was found to be available in the facilities, but incomplete. Of all the patients followed, 16.2% received nutrition counselling and 9.5% received nutrition follow-up, but none of them received nutrition screening. NMS is available in the facilities, but it is incomplete, due to many factors which originate from the planners’ failure.

Motsieloa, Lineo Florina, and Mpati Evelyn Fosa. “Investigating the Availability Of Nutrition Management Service for Hypertensive Elderly People in Khubetsoana and Thamae Health Centres.” Pharmacology 3, no. 1 (2023): 103-123.

A Relationship Marketing Perspective on Delight, its Antecedents and Outcomes in a Banking Context

This study aims to explore the influence of surprise and delight on the loyalty intentions of retail banking customers in an emerging market context. This study also considers the moderating effect of trust on these relationships.

Svotwa, T.D., Makanyeza, C., Roberts-Lombard, M. and Jaiyeoba, O.O. (2023), “A relationship marketing perspective on delight, its antecedents and outcomes in a banking context”, European Business Review, Vol. 35 No. 3, pp. 306-336.

Lessons From COVID-19: A Silver Lining For Teaching And Learning In Selected Lesotho Institutions Of Higher Learning

Emmanuel Z, Molelekeng K., Thekiso M. (2023) Lessons From COVID-19: A Silver Lining For Teaching And Learning In Selected Lesotho Institutions Of Higher Learning. International Journal of All Research Writings Vol. 4 Issue. 8

There has been a myriad of negative implications on teaching and learning at tertiary level that came along with the emergence of Covid-19 pandemic. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the lessons and opportunities presented by the pandemic to the learning and teaching process in Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs). The study employed a survey design and used diary and semistructured questionnaires as key data generation tools. A sample of 80 lecturing staff was used from three HEIs in Lesotho adopting a stratified random sampling. The findings from the study suggest that the implementation of online teaching and learning brought positive implications to Lesotho’s HEIs as most of the sampled respondents supported the intervention. The study also revealed that the COVID19 pandemic exposed shortcomings such as a lack of staff capacity to teach online, adoption of blended learning, and teaching and infrastructural preparedness in tertiary institutions. The study further suggests that there is a need to redevelop and redesign the curriculum, harmonize policies of teaching and assessment, and align them to online learning and teaching. The study recommended an inclusive stakeholder approach at the national and institutional level to drafting and implementing online learning supportive policies. Further research is recommended to quality regulators of tertiary institutions to understand their insights and perceptions of adopting online teaching and learning in HEIs.

Government Expenditure on Health and Economic Growth in Botswana

Government expenditure on health and economic growth in Botswana: Testing for cointegration and specification of deterministic components using the pantula principle. International Journal of Research in Business and Social Science (2147-4478), 12(2), pp.204-216.
This study examines the relationship between government expenditure on health and economic growth in Botswana. It seeks to test the existence of cointegration and specification of the deterministic components with special reference to the Pantula Principle. This helps to overcome the shortfall of the method by Johansen, which may lead to spurious results by omitting the presence of deterministic components in the analysis. The cointegration approach is used and tested using three methods by Engle and Granger (1987) or EG, a procedure suggested by Johansen (1988) and error correction model (ECM) approach proposed by Granger(1988) and short-run analysis is made using the pairwise granger causality tests. Findings show that the correct model specification for testing long-run relationships consists of one cointegrating vector with a constant which is the most restrictive hypothesis according to the Pantula principle. Using the Johansen approach, total health expenditure and recurring health expenditure have a cointegration relationship with growth while development health expenditure and growth are not cointegrated. The ECM and the approach by EG confirm a weak and/or no cointegration between the variables. Growth has no effect on government expenditure on health in the short run, but a cointegration relationship suggests that it may marginally contribute to an increase in health expenditure over the long term. The study clarifies the correct model to test for cointegration and specification for the deterministic component. It confirms the existence of a healthcare expenditure-led growth hypothesis.

Sinha, N. and Mbulawa, S., 2023. Government expenditure on health and economic growth in Botswana: Testing for cointegration and specification of deterministic components using the pantula principle. International Journal of Research in Business and Social Science (2147-4478), 12(2), pp.204-216.

Rethinking Financial Globalization. In Global Market and Trade. IntechOpen. – Book Chapter

This chapter introduces the concept of financial globalization and examines the factors driving financial globalization in emerging and developing market economies. The role of financial globalization in driving the development and strengthening of the financial sector, sustainable economic growth, and the nature of innovations are explored. On a broader scale, there is a need to understand the developments in global financial innovation and their implications for developing and emerging markets. The chapter explores the challenges, risks and benefits of financial globalization to emerging and developing markets and how they will shape future behavior and interactions by economic agents in these markets. Financial globalization can lead to different outcomes that include but not limited to domestic capital flight and potential effects on net capital flows, investment, and growth; capital inflows and higher investment and growth; or volatile capital flows and unstable domestic financial markets. The chapter discusses the measurement issues of financial openness. These all need to be explored in this context and consider the rise in innovations in the financial sector.

Universal Accessibility of National Parks in South Africa and Zimbabwe: Park Management Perceptions.

Tourism Planning & Development, pp.1-20

This study sought to establish the perceptions of the management of National Parks in South Africa and Zimbabwe with respect to making their parks universally accessible. This study was set against the background of many people with disabilities who are willing and financially able to patron national parks being denied the opportunity to do so due to various barriers. Using a qualitative approach, the researchers explored the views of the management of South African National Parks (SANPARKS) and Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZimParks) regarding the universal accessibility of National Parks. The study revealed that, generally, the management of the said parks appreciate the plight of people with disabilities who want to visit their parks and would have wanted the parks to be accessible to all people. However, the managers from SANPARKS seemed more willing and prepared to make their parks universally accessible compared to their counterparts from ZimParks.

Sustainability of Wildlife Tourism Tourist Perceptions on Threats to Wildlife Tourism in Two State Protected Areas in Zimbabwe

The study sought to determine tourist perceptions on the threats to the sustainability of wildlife tourism using a case study of two state-protected areas in Zimbabwe. Using close-ended questionnaires, we collected data from 128 tourists in December 2015. Results show respondents generally perceived all the seven tested threats as serious, i.e., illegal hunting, destruction of wildlife habitats, human-wildlife conflict, lack of involvement of local people in national park tourism, lack of benefits from the national park to local communities, negative attitudes towards tourism by local residents, and poor local community and national park relationships. Moreover, respondents generally had similar perceptions on the impacts of the threats on the sustainability of wildlife tourism regardless of their gender, age, level of education and income. We conclude tourists are more environmentally conscious and well informed of the threats to wildlife tourism in Zimbabwe, which may indicate willingness to support conservation. It is thus necessary for park management to promote local people participation in ecotourism, enhance innovative law enforcement measures as well as motivate tourists to participate in conservation. Results could help broaden policy decision-makers’ knowledge base in response to sustainable wildlife tourism development challenges.

High Average-Utility Itemsets Mining: A Survey

Applied Intelligence, pp.1-38.

HUIM (High utility itemsets mining) is a sub-division of data mining dealing with the task to obtain promising patterns in the quantitative datasets. A variant of HUIM is to discover the HAUIM (High average-utility itemsets mining) where average-utility measure is used to obtain the utility of itemsets. HAUIM is the refined version of FIM (Frequent itemset mining) problem and has various applications in the field of market basket analysis, bio-informatics, text mining, network traffic analysis, product recommendation and e-learning among others. In this paper, we provide a comprehensive survey of the state-of-the-art methods of HAUIM to mine the HAUIs (High average-utility itemsets) from the static and dynamic datasets since the induction of the HAUIM problem. We discuss the pros and cons of each category of mining approaches in detail. The taxonomy of HAUIM is presented according to the mining approaches. Finally,various extensions, future directions and research opportunities of HAUIM algorithms are discussed.


Singh, K., Kumar, R. and Biswas, B., 2021. High average-utility itemsets mining: a survey. Applied Intelligence, pp.1-38. High average-utility itemsets mining: a survey | SpringerLink


Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption Algorithm Modeling on CPU Execution Time as Employed Over a Mobile Environment.

International Journal of Natural Computing Research (IJNCR), 10(2), pp.21-41.

This paper presents results on modelling of AES and RSA encryption algorithms in terms of CPU execution time, considering different modelling techniques such as linear, quadratic, cubic, and exponential mathematical models, each with the application of piecewise approximations. framework is used to implement this study. The authors consider the symmetric encryption algorithm named AES and the asymmetric encryption algorithm named RSA to carry out this study. This study recommends quadratic piecewise approximation modelling as the most optimized model for modelling the CPU execution time of AES and RSA towards encryption of data files. The model proposed in this study can be extended to other symmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithms, besides taking them over a mobile cloud environment.

Thomas, A. and Narasimhan, V.L., 2021. Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption Algorithm Modeling on CPU Execution Time as Employed Over a Mobile Environment. International Journal of Natural Computing Research (IJNCR)10(2), pp.21-41.

Antibacterial Activity of 2-Picolyl-polypyridyl-Based Ruthenium (II/III) Complexes on Non-Drug-Resistant and Drug-Resistant Bacteria.

Bioinorganic chemistry and applications, 2021.

A new hexadentate 2-picolyl-polypyridyl-based ligand (4, 4′-(butane-1, 4-diylbis(oxy))bis(N, N-bis(pyridin-2-ylmethyl)aniline)) (2BUT) (1) and its corresponding Ru(II/III) complexes were synthesized and characterized, followed by assessment of their possible bioactive properties towards drug-resistant and non-drug-resistant bacteria. Spectroscopic characterization of the ligand was done using proton NMR, FTIR, and ESI-MS, which showed that the ligand was successfully synthesized. The Ru(II/III) complexes were characterized by FTIR, UV/Vis, elemental analysis, proton NMR, ESI-MS, and magnetic susceptibility studies. The analysis of ESI-MS data of the complexes showed that they were successfully synthesized. Empirical formulae derived from elemental analysis of the complexes also indicated successful synthesis and relative purity of the complexes. The important functional groups of the ligands could be observed after complexation using FTIR. Magnetic susceptibility data and electronic spectra indicated that both complexes adopt a low spin configuration. The disc diffusion assay was used to test the compounds for antibiotic activity on two bacteria species and their drug-resistant counterparts. The compounds displayed antibiotic activity towards the two non-drug-resistant bacteria. As for the drug-resistant organisms, only [Ru2(2BUT)(DMF)2(DPA)2](BH4)43 and 2, 2-dipyridylamine inhibited the growth of MRSA. Gel electrophoresis DNA cleavage studies showed that the ligands had no DNA cleaving properties while all the complexes denatured the bacterial DNA. Therefore, the complexes may have DNA nuclease activity towards the bacterial genomic material.


Matshwele, J.T., Odisitse, S., Mapolelo, D., Leteane, M., Julius, L.G., Nkwe, D.O. and Nareetsile, F., 2021. Antibacterial Activity of 2-Picolyl-polypyridyl-Based Ruthenium (II/III) Complexes on Non-Drug-Resistant and Drug-Resistant Bacteria. Bioinorganic chemistry and applications2021