Botho University has put in place a robust departmental structure to assist the institution in its endeavour to grow research. Research is managed by the Library, Teaching and Research Excellence (LTRE) Department. Spearheaded by the Pro-Vice Chancellor (PVC) of Academics, LTRE handles all aspects of research including administration of calls for proposals, processing of applications for research grants, research permits, publication fees and other research-related activities such as funding to attend and present at conferences and workshops.

  • Oscar 2.0

    Botho University, proud part of Oscar 2.0 research initiative, funded by European Union. OSCAR 2.0 project (ref. nr. 101129127) funded by ERASMUS + (Key Action 2: Capacity Building for Higher Education), a European funding programme aims to foster the effective digital transformation of education and science to develop digital infrastructure and connections, by boosting the […]

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  • Teaching and Learning

    Coherent Philosophy of Education Botho University’s teaching approach is based on a coherent philosophy of education. The university’s Learning, Teaching and Assessment (LTA) strategy is constructively aligned to its overall strategy, mission, vision, values as reflected in the Botho Graduate Profile (BGP).  The strategy aims to deliver quality education that will produce innovative, well rounded, […]

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