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Botho university alumni Association

The Botho University Alumni Association exists to keep graduates connected to the Institution. The Association operates under the Career Services Department and led by the Botho University Alumni Executive Committee, a volunteer organization of fellow alumni.


To introduce the Association and its mandate. To bring together all Botho University Alumni for networking and information sharing.


- To establish Botho University Alumni Association
- To create a platform for information sharing
- To create links between Botho University Alumni and the institution.
- To retain and strengthen friendship made on the campus by keeping graduates and former students in lifelong contact with each other.
- To involve the graduates, former students and special friends in the ongoing growth and development

Stay connected with Botho University

Once you successfully complete your degree or diploma, you become a Botho University Alumni, and you are encouraged to join the Botho Universrity Alumni Association (BUAA) The association is run by an executive committee which comprises of the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Vice Secretary, Treasurer, and four additional members. And it is managed by, Student and Alumni Affairs Department.

Update your contact details

Alumni are encouraged to update their contact details. By doing so they will ensure that the alumni office can:

- keep them informed about developments at the office and Botho University
- maintain an up-to-date database

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Physical Address:
Botho Education Park, Kgale,
Baratani office 4
+267 363 5484.
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Maseru Mall, West Wing, Thetsane
+266 28310 5742.