Botho University Research

Botho University seeks to establish research partnerships around the world that will lead to meaningful discoveries that have impact in society.

Research Mission

Botho University has put in place a robust departmental structure to support the institution’s endeavor to grow research. Research is managed by the Library, Teaching and Research Excellence (LTRE) Department within the Office of Quality Management (OQM). Spearheaded by the Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor (DPVC) of Academic and Quality, LTRE handles all aspects of research including administration of calls for proposals, processing of applications for research grants, research permits, publication fees and other research-related activities such as funding attendance and presentations at conferences and workshops.

While support is provided for staff members who wish to present at renowned conferences worldwide and those who wish to publish in reputable journals, they are encouraged to engage external collaborators in line with Botho’s objective to establish meaningful partnerships around the world for impactful research.

Researcher Profiles

Our researcher profiles provide details about the researcher including their research areas, publication titles, overall research output and their contact details. While the information provided may not be exhaustive, it provides a good starting point which highlights areas of potential collaboration.