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Financial Management For Non Finance Executives

What is this about?

The course aims to equip the learners with in-depth understanding of key aspects of finance in investing, financing and resource allocation decision within an organization and to develop an understanding of the main frameworks and techniques concerning the management of financial risk. This course will provide all the necessary understanding of the language, tools and techniques of finance which is essential in building career success, business survival and competitive performance in today’s world.

Why should you enroll?

If the world of Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss Statements, Cash Flows and Discounted Cash Flows, Budget Management, Costing and Marginal Costing and Basic Accounting has passed you by, now is the time to take advantage of this really exciting training which will help you to build your personal and business competitive edge. Presented as an interactive training involving instruction, discussion and extensive participant activity, this program aims at everyone who needs to understand the language, tools and techniques of financial management and accounting.

What are the topics covered?

  • Investment Decision Making
  • Raising Finance
  • Capital Markets
  • Working Capital Management
  • Business Combinations and Share Valuation?
  • Dividend Policy
  • Managing Financial Risk

Credits Awarded

6 credits

What is the duration?

This is a 5 day course

Who should attend?

  • Managers
  • Administrators
  • Budget Holders
  • Salespeople
  • Business Owners
  • Public Servants