Office of Academic Services

The Office of Academic Services is devoted to making the students understand and realize their fullest potential, while ensuring their smooth transition from a freshman to an academic.

Our state-of-the-art campus has two offices: Office of Academic Services and Office of Research and Quality Management, as well as three different academic faculties namely, Faculty of Computing, Faculty of Accounting and Faculty of Continuing Education, which will produce well rounded graduates, products of a world class curriculum and support services that will enable them to meet the job market with full confidence.

In order to provide excellent service to the students, the Office of Academic Services consists of the following key departments.

Management Information Systems (MIS) Department:

The MIS Department is the central repository for all student related, personal and academic information at Botho University. The department is responsible for monitoring all student attendance. It is also responsible for producing academic transcripts and certificates for the students, as well as resolve academic issues if any.

Assessments Department:

The Assessments Department is a key department at Botho University. It is responsible for organizing, managing and conducting all examinations, and attending assessment appeals at the institution. The department also grades papers in line with the Academic Honesty Policy. It is also entrusted with publishing results in a transparent and impartial manner, while ensuring utmost confidentiality.

Academic Honesty Unit (sub-department under Assessments):

This unit provides academic guidance and support services to students, allowing them to excel through effective and ethical academic writing.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Department:

The ERP Department is responsible for implementing an enterprise-wide system that connects all the departments and makes sure that all student data is centrally managed securely and with integrity.

Our ERP system comprises of several software applications such as Talisma CRM, CampusVue, Microsoft Great Plains, Premier HR, Premier VIP and Blackboard to name a few, which are already implemented and widely used by various departments. The software applications are accessed centrally through portals or client applications. Students have their own portals to perform various tasks related to their day-to-day operations.

The mandate of the ERP department is to ensure that all systems are available to the users at all times, train the staff to use the software in their respective areas effectively and efficiently, resolve the queries raised by the users and to make sure that the systems are upgraded and scaled along with the university’s development and growth.